1. Permanent collection 

This is our main activity. You always have the opportunity to choose in our collection. We are permanently looking after new gems to make new pieces. 


2. Creation and Transformation 

You have a specific idea in mind and you can't find it in our collection? No worries, we adapt to our client demand and make the jewel you want.

We choose the stone together and transform it into your dream piece. 

We then talk together about the style of jewellery you want. If everything is clear, we start production straight away. If it's more complex, we'll propose 2 drawings that we'll have made. We remain the owner of the original designs. A copy will be given to you. 

For all tailor-made jewels:

  • or you give us "carte blanche" to adapt the jewel to a beautiful ethic according to our taste. All the while following the design. 
  • or we follow your wishes to the letter unless a technical problem forces us to make adaptations. 

A 10% deposit will be requested before the jewel is made.

Ask us for preview pieces we made on demand. 


3. Restoration 

Thanks to our specialized atelier, we are able to fix most high jewellery (only made of gold and platinum).


4. Expertise and Buyout

You have old jewels at home and don't know their value? We expertise your jewels and offer you to buy them back (from inheritance for example). 

We pay for the buying back of the jewellery after all stones have been checked by the laboratory. 

We buy back jewellery either with an invoice for professionals or with an identity card for private individuals. 

  • Trusted
  • Professional
  • Confidential  

If you have any special demand or need more information, don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail or Whatsapp.