Born and raised in Brussels but non-stop travelling around, Yves has always been fascinated by color stones, antique jewels, and diamonds. For now, he has been making jewellery and trading in stones for almost 40 years. 

After a quiet but successfully & traditional career as independent, his daughter Louise has followed the steps of her father. Was there no better teacher than him? It was the perfect occasion for him to jump in and develop an innovative business in jewellery by adding the internet tool.

Since then, they created in July 2020 the company LOUH that stands for his daughter and son, LOUise and HUgues at reverse. 

Yves and Louise together is the perfect match to offer jewellery. Yves has all the knowledge about stone market and experience whereas Louise has the languages, the youth and technology. Besides, Louise is bathed in this universe since her childhood and is in the perfect position to follow her father’s step in this unusual world. Full of ideas, they are proud to show you their different collections available on the e-commerce.
Alongside the new collections, Yves continues his passion about antiques jewellery and offers a range of jewellery from the 19th century to nowadays.