Is your ring too big?

louise huyghebaert

Is your ring too big? Here are the solutions that LOUH offers

The first thing you need to know is that fingers can shrink or swell due to temperature change or weight instability.
When a ring is too big, the chances of losing it are higher. So what are the options for fitting a ring?


1. Ring Bumps

Small metal balls soldered on the back section inside your ring. It is a good alternative to full resizing.  It is mostly done when your ring is a bit too big and rotates. This method is perfect for people with larget knuckles.

2. Bridge

It is a metal bar placed at the base of the band. it can be straight or in a U-shape. 

3. Spring Inserts

Shaped like a horseshoe, it is a stripe of metal that lines the bottom 3/4 of the inside of the ring. This system stays fixed on the middle and fits on the rest of the finger, which allows you to easily push the ring over your knuckle. This method i-provides more sizing flexibility. 

4. Ring Resizing

If your ring is way too big, consider having your ring resized. This consists of reducing the circumference of the ring: We cut the metal on the back side of the ring and add in an extra piece of metal which we will solder, clean and polish. The change will not be visible. 

    We can do all the options mentioned here. Please contact us for a price quote or any other question. 

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